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24 January 2013

Yes i'm 24

Syukur Alhamdulilah because im still breath in this greatest world that created by Allah.  Im so excited for this year, why? Because i feel im not young anymore, just kidding.  Excited what will I must do for this year. 

2013: this year insyallah im graduate maybe in October. Hope everthing run smoothly and I will finish my 3 years study in 2013.
Hope this year, my rezeki semakin bertambah and I get a good joob after finish my degree study because im really need it.  For my mom and my future. 

What will happen in 2013??  My target for this year only work and work. Im so tired with study, I want to have my own money with my own effort.  hahaha gile duit ke??? Don't missunderstanding okay. Hope I can reply  my mother someday.  You are means to much for me mother, really mean it. 

Maybe insyallah this year I will finish my single life.  24 year old the age that I target to kahwin. Or maybe 2014 when im 25 year old and maybe and maybe. Only Allah know, im just planning. If ada jodoh ada lah kan, kalau takda its okay because now I not not really hope with my future. Im just follow and follow and im not expected more because im scared if im lost something in one day. 

Hope this year will bring me happiness and rahmat for me, my family and my future family. Please doa for me. 

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