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14 November 2010

kamu tuhh

he is the one who:

  • give me strength and support me when im fell down
  • always info me where he go,what he do
  • huse and wipe my tears when im cry
  • advise me when i make a mistakes
  • listen all my problem
  • see when but no say anything n just smile
  • support and encouraged me when i want to continue my stdy
  • always gelak-gelak mcm org giler+sengal = him not me
  • give me stok ubat to make sure i will get better everytime when im sick
  • call everymorning to make sure i wake up to subuh pray
  • scold me when im to lazy to wake up
  • always looking deep into my eyes..
  • always smile to make me happy
  • feed me when we eat n share food together...
  • make angry face but im no scared at all lahhh...
  • scared me with he big eyes...
  • grasp my waist when im not larat to walk....
  • bring my white bag =)
  • hold my purse,handphone yg sgt berat ituh
  • ask me any opnion when he want to do something
  • call me budak sengal everyday..geram grrrrrrr

rindu pulak dgn budak poyolables neh...seyes neh beb

its raining outside make me fell to sleep..^_^

im so grateful what i have today becoz i have you ^_^...i also have my family who loves me...mother that always worried about me,sibling that always help me...
n friend that always take care of me...
i luv u all muahhhh
dun wori budak poyo..i will be ur side everytime u need me as long i still breath in this world ~_^