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27 November 2012

I miss my mother

I miss my mother.  Really miss and i want back home this weekend.. I wish i can..


Raining at malacca.

Post using android smart ni tak leh tukar jenis font n size ke?

Im busy but pretend not

This month, i'm so busy with my psm project, also my assigment.  Many thing to do, but im still act that nothing happen,what going wrong puteri noor mastura?? Half dead of me when remind about my psm, it cost a lot. Just prepared the setup it cost about one hundred and i think it wil more. Medicine cost also high,i think is about 3 hundred or something.  when i can find the extra money to support my project costing.

For the first sem in my last year, i need to finish my research about "dielectric constant of pharmaceutical medicine using microwave radiation" . For this research i need do some measurement and this only can do in microwave lab at my faculty which need booking first at least 3 day before. What is dielectric constant and what relationship with pharmaceutical?? And how about microwave radiation. For this year i must fully understand and can explain to the psm panel. 

For the measurement, i need prepared the medicine sample tablet like paracetamol, cylro?(flu), and ant?(batuk) then i need to hancurkan this medicine using the hammer(part that im not like). Then i need to prepare the chamber which use to put my sample on it. The plate to place my sample cost about 50 ringgit. Im use horn antenna to expose the radiation frequency to my sample, then we can see the signal using VNA(Vector network analyzer) and i need to kaji this signal result. But my experiment have 3 paramaters to measure,frequency, distance and mol(add water).  For the expected result i will get about 3 hundred graph and i need to explain about this graph.  Okay im stop story about my psm project.