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15 February 2013


Im in love with malacca.  Calm and peaceful, even sometimes traffic jammed especially in town, but it doesn't matter. Place you will feel that you were never want to go anywhere, you just want to stay. Away from bussy town like kl, away from  air pollution, away from crowded people. I love peace. And I think will come back to malacca in one day. Memory begin, with new life during 3 years at malacca, so many tears, happiness, and friends.  Place where I get new sprit, new of me, new puteri noor mastura.

Just leave 4 month to study here, to finish my degree study in Utem. I hope this 4 month will be the great time I will be here, and really hope I can use the time wisely to improve myself. Only in 4 months. I hope I can achieve my target for this semester, the last semester, the last struggle to get good pointer.