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12 December 2012

Ku bermimpi

Dream just a dream. So funny when fana come in my dream and help prepared pelamin for me, it so simple with pink colour. At the same time, i want to go somewhere which i can meet someone, but im not really sure where the place and for sure, the place far maybe take 3 hour to arrive. I dont know why i really need to meet her, but like usually, i just make a plan but Allah know the better. Very grateful that he not come in my dream X( And i stay focussed with my soleminization, hope one day the time will come even it just a dream. Headache when try to remember someone phone number that i pray before to forget all about this guy..Allah love me, and untill now, i still can't remember.. Now i want to concerntrate with my final year study and work hard after graduate. When i said work hard it mean "very hard". Hope i can do it.......