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25 May 2010

about 3P

3P Brief

IN EFFORTS to bridge the knowledge gap between technology and skill sets in today’s competitive job markets, the Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE) and Prestariang Systems Sdn Bhd (PSSB) have embarked on a jointly-developed Industry-Based Certification Programme that is more relevant to industry needs. Targeted at students in the final year, this program will complement the degree awarded by IPTAs in Malaysia.

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The Program:
  • A value-added training course to equip students with IT skills and complement the degree awarded by IPTA
  • Open to all FINAL YEAR students who are currently studying computer-related studies in IPTA
  • Available start May & November 2008 period, and Course duration is on weekdays from 9.00am to 5.00pm
  • Provides original Course Materials, Professional Examinations and Certificates
  • Each class is for 25 students, fully equipped with 25 PCs each
  • Conducted by Certified Trainers at respective IPTAs’ site, offering a conducive and interactive training environment

so aku ngn dak class yg lain join jgk 3p ni utk tmbh ilmu didada selama 3 minggu...plan nk g port dickson bersama family pd cuti sek ditundakan =(

4 sudah conteng ^_^:

zahidah dihaz said...

saya dah tengah ikut kursus 3p sekarang...
ambik autocad =P

misz puteri said...

zahidah...dkt mane ambek kursus???amcm bes x??

Legasi Piston Pecah said...

time poli dulu member yang cgpa 3.5 je yang dapat..

misz puteri said...

skang semua boleh limit satu class 25 klas kteorg leh extra...hahahahah..

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